About Us

Our mission is to provide the shredding industry with quality pre-owned and reconditioned shredding equipment. We make it our priority to buy, sell and consign the very best equipment possible in an industry. Dependability and security are vital, we have been acknowledged for our quality of equipment, dedication to service and support, integrity, and innovative ways to make equipment more efficient and affordable, Our equipment is dependable due to our highly skilled mechanics and technicians knowledge precision, and efforts applied to the reconditioning and testing process. ShredSupply refuses to cut corners as our reputation is built on the success of our customers.

​What sets ShredSupply apart from the competition is that we are a truck dealer, not a broker. We own 90% of our inventory. Since we are a dealer we have hands on-experience with each truck, we are able to offer more with every purchase such as extended chassis warranties, bundled security containers and even comprehensive equipment training. It’s not only important to understand how quality prevntative maintenance affects the truck and shredder, but also to understand how to diagnose and fix some of the most common failures.

Downtime is not favorable for any business but it can be devastating for a truck operation! That is why we feel it’s important for owners and operators to fully understand the equipment , operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of their investment, and we are here to help. In addition, our warranties are serviced directly by the OEM of the truck chassis and there are over 3,000 available service locations across North America!