Hard Drive Shredding Trucks | Data Annihilator Series

The Data Annihilator hard drive shredding trucks from ShredSupply are a turn-key solution for mobile hard drive shredding. The climate-controlled workspace in these trucks allows your clients to safely and effectively observe the shredding of their drives and digital media through multiple cameras. Operators have a large workstation with abundant 110 VAC power to run laptops, hand-held scanners, and printers. The Data Annihilator hard drive shredding trucks also come equipped with plenty of lockable storage and a shelving system that allows for custom placement of needed tools and supplies.

Data Annihilatorhard drive shredding truck

The first of it’s kind; the Data Annihilator is a powerful machine that will efficiently destroy drives in an easy to use, climate-controlled workspace. It lives up to the name – annihilating any hard drives that come its way.


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Data Annihilator IIhard drive shredding trucks

Much like it’s older counterpart, the Data Annihilator II will destroy drives with ease – it will just do it on a tandem-axle with a bigger shredder, newer generator, and even more added features for efficiently annihilating hard drives.


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