Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Trade Show

We live in the information age where spec sheets, brochures, and the like are easier than ever to come by. This has become a valuable way to make purchasing decisions. However, there is nothing like a personal, up-close encounter with the latest products and advancements in the secure destruction industry. Trade shows offer the best opportunity for you to get this experience.

But before your book your ticket and secure your hotel, it’s important to know that trade shows can be intimidating – hundreds of people, new products around every corner, exhibitors fighting for your attention. Without knowing how to navigate this maze, a lot of mistakes will be made. To get the most out of your next secure destruction trade show, you’ll need to know which mistakes to avoid.

Here are eight mistakes you’ll avoid the next time you attend a secure destruction trade show:

  1. Not doing your research. There will be no shortage of exhibitors at a trade show, which can make it easy to spend all your time getting pitched to about products that aren’t in the interest of your business. To avoid this, know beforehand the equipment and services you’ll be needing in the months following the show. Then obtain a list of the exhibitors and research the companies that provide these products and services.
  2. Showing up without a plan. To avoid wasting your time roaming around trying to find what you’re looking for, have a plan for who you’re going to see and where they will be. Use a map of the trade show floor to know exactly where these exhibitors are located.
  3. Wearing uncomfortable clothes. Seriously. This is important. You’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet. Sure, you may look good, but in this case, it’s ok to sacrifice a little style for comfort. You won’t regret it.

    NAID Conference and Expo 2015

  4. Not asking questions. Representatives are there to answer any questions you may have about their products or services. It is a great time to collect equipment specifications, get details about a service, discuss pricing and financing or ask any other questions you may have. This could be one of the only opportunities you get to speak directly to a representative.
  5. Forgetting a pen and paper. You’ll be seeing more products and equipment than you will anywhere else. It will be a lot of information to take in. That’s why it is important you take notes. This will make it a lot easier to compare products and their benefits and features once your back at the office.
  6. Forgetting the literature. Equipment specifications, product features, representative’s names, these can all be easy to forget. Even if you are taking notes, chances are you’ll forget to write down a piece of information. This is why it is so important to collect spec sheets, business cards, and any other literature that may come in handy. If you’re afraid you’ll lose them, I’m sure a representative will be more than happy to send you the information after the show.
  7. Not getting hands-on. A trade show often has live demonstrations of products from the industry. This is a very good opportunity to see and test these products. Getting this hands-on experience can give you real-world insight into equipment performance before making a purchase.

    NAID Conference and Expo 2014

  8. Failing to network. Trade shows are a great place to see new products and advancements in the industry, but more importantly, they can help you create a secure network with others in the industry. From industry experts to manufacturer representatives, you’ll be able to form relationships that can help your business grow once the show has wrapped up. Make sure to bring plenty of business cards so you can exchange with those you want to get ahold once the show has come to an end.

Essential Preventative Maintenance: Greasing and Lubrication

Now that you’ve established a preventative maintenance routine, you’re probably wondering if you’re spending too much time doing maintenance that is unnecessary. In the coming months we’ll give you our top three things you should be doing to maintain your shredding truck, beginning with…

1. Greasing and Lubrication

Greasing and lubrication is a must when it comes to Maintenance. There are multiple moving parts in a shredder, and all of them are at risk for at least one of the following: rust, corrosion, pitting, and skewing. Fortunately, these are preventable with the proper lubrication.

When applied properly, lubrication has many benefits:bearings_grease

  • Reduces the friction and abrasion caused by direct metal-to-metal contact
  • Transports heat generated by friction
  • Prolongs the service life of the shredder
  • Prevents harmful rust and corrosion
  • Prevents objects and contamination from interfering with moving elements

Greasing and lubricating are crucial if you want to maintain your shredder, however, it is also important to be wary of the following when applying a lubricant:

  • Selecting the wrong lubricant – be sure to know whether grease or oil is needed for the specific application.
  • Using too much or too little grease/oil – too much grease and the temperature can rise too high, too little grease and harmful metal-to-metal contact may occur
  • Mixing lubricants – grease and oil should always be used separately
  • Contaminating the lubricants – one of the primary functions of lubricants is to seal the contact surface and prevent the entrance of contaminants, so contaminating the lubricant would essentially defeat the purpose.

Proceed With Caution!

Before you go off and start getting trigger happy with your grease gun, it is important to refer to your shred truck’s manual for specific intervals on lubrication. Every make and model of shred trucks have different lubrication points and lubrication schedules, and it is vital to your shred truck performance that you refer to this information.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our qualified expert technicians at 866-520-8762 or They’ll be more than happy to help you with proper greasing and lubrication of your shred truck.

Over the coming months we’ll break down some more essential preventative maintenance, so be sure to stay tuned!

Six Steps to Creating a Preventive Maintenance Program

Have you established a preventive maintenance routine? Staying on top of routine maintenance is necessary to ensuring optimal shred truck performance and preventing equipment failure that will eat into your hard-earned budget. We have seen our fair share of equipment fail, leading to costly repairs, which you could avoid with a proper preventive maintenance routine.

Follow these six steps to creating an effective, efficient, and sustainable preventive maintenance program for your shredding truck:


  • Get proper training for owners, operators and service personnel from the OEM or by a qualified industry expert.


  • Refer to your Shred Truck’s Manual for specific maintenance intervals for the chassis and shredder. If a shred truck manual has not be provided, contact the original OEM or a qualified industry expert for particular maintenance intervals.


  • Establish a structured Preventive Maintenance schedule based off shred truck manual. Preventive maintenance will vary based on model as well as manufacturer, so be sure to refer to the shred truck manual that is specific to your make and model.


  • Commit operating personnel time and equipment to maintenance. It may be burdensome at first to allow operators to give up production time during their shift, but the 15 minutes they take to do preventive maintenance will more than make-up for the production time lost.


  • Have ongoing daily reviews of issues from operators and maintenance personnel. Reviewing issues daily can lead to consistent modifications and improvements to preventive maintenance and prevent any ongoing problems from turning into catastrophic failures.


  • Supervisors and leads should review completed preventive maintenance with operators and mechanics. A review will not only establish a routine but also allow any adjustments to take place to ensure optimal performance of your shredding truck.


Creating a preventive maintenance program can seem like a tedious task, but using these steps to establish a routine can be the difference between giving up a little production time and money or running into a catastrophic failure. A failure on the most important piece of equipment in your operation can be costly and be challenging for any business. Fortunately, a preventive maintenance program can ensure your shred truck is properly maintained and operating efficiently.

If you have any questions about preventive maintenance or service, be sure to contact your shredding truck OEM, or speak with one of our expert technicians at 866-520-8762 or

The “Refurb” Advantage

One of the most popular services ShredSupply offers is complete shredding truck refurbishment. If you have ever wondered what exactly this process consists of, and what advantages a refurb has over buying new, we’re here to help inform and educate you on why refurbishment could be an excellent option when considering your next purchase.

First, it’s important we define what exactly a “refurb” is. A refurb is simply the refurbishment of an existing mobile shred truck to incomparable, like-new condition. We take a mobile shredding truck that has outlived its productivity and rebuild it to better-than-new condition. More accurately defined as the process of extending the performance life of an existing mobile shredding truck through maintenance and repair, both aesthetically and mechanically, to provide a new or updated version of the original truck. To make this a reality, we can include multiple services to bring your shredder back to prime working condition. These services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Body Swaps to Brand New Chassis
  • ShredSupply Control Panel Upgrade
  • Complete Shredder Overhaul
  • Refurb Active Unloading Floors
  • Refurb Hydraulic System w/ New PTOs
  • Refurb Lift Tip Carriage for 64/96/175 Gal. Bins
  • Refurb Shredfast MasterVault Aluminum Body
  • Cold Weather Packages
  • New Paint on All Components and Van Body
  • New LED Lights
  • New On-board Video Cameras & Monitor
  • Replacement of Any Other Damaged or Aged Components

With this extensive refurbishment process, you’re less likely to have any damage or defects – not only have the aged parts been replaced, but all other parts have been quality tested to assure they’re in great working condition. Your shredder will come out otherwise identical to new!

Now, if you’re still having reservations about a refurbishment, which may come across a bit disconcerting when dealing with the overhead of capital equipment, we’re here to affirm there are considerable savings and hidden advantages to this process. The table below illustrates the benefits of refurbishment over a new purchase:

 New ManufactureShredSupply RefurbDetails
ChassisNewNewShredSupply offers the option to move current equipment and bodies to a new chassis - an aluminum body has a 2 chassis life cycle.
Chassis WarrantyYesYesNew chassis have a 2 year factory warranty with an extended option of 5 years. The majority of shredding companies significant costs are chassis related.
Shredding/ Collection EquipmentNew Fully-ReconditionedRecondition units come out as close to new as possible.
Shredding TechnologyNew Upgraded to Like-NewOutdated shredding technology can be updated to like-new.
Production CapabilityNewLike-New
Production Timeline4-6 Weeks6-8 Weeks
Average Cost:Potential Savings:
Shred Units Including Chassis*$230,000.00$185,000.00$45,000.00
Collection Units Including Chassis*$173,000.00$138,000.00$35,000.00

There is potential for incredible savings without losing the quality or reliability you’ll receive from a new truck. You could save upwards of 20% compared to purchasing new. This allows you all the advantages of new equipment while saving thousands of dollars in capital outlay. We hope this not only helps you better understand our refurb process and the advantage of a refurb mobile shredding truck over purchasing new, but also acts as a comprehensive guide when making your next purchase. If you have any questions about our Refurbishment Service Program, feel free to give us a call at 866-520-8762 or shoot us an e-mail at

Transporting Damaged Shred Trucks

Shrink Wrapped Truck-4
Shrink Wrapped Truck-4

Damaged mobile shred truck wrapped for transport.

Sometimes in the document destruction industry bad things happen. Catastrophic accidents occur in nearly every mobile shredding company in the business. In this case a mobile shredding truck collided with a low-hanging tree branch. The collision mainly impacted the lift tunnel on the passenger’s side. The damage to the van body was considerable, wracking its entire body. The body alone was totaled.

Shrink Wrapped Truck-1Contrary to popular opinion there may be considerable value still remaining in the shredding components even in a highly damaged mobile shredder. An excellent option is to capitalize on the investment and have the vehicle restored. Shred truck owners could save thousands over the cost of new with this option.

At ShredSupply, we frankly work miracles on wrecked shredder trucks. They could be damaged by trees, bridges, tip-overs or even fires. We’ve seen a lot of them, most with considerable damage. We take totaled van bodies and rebuild them to better than factory specifications.

Part of the ShredSupply process involves physically getting the damaged vehicles from your location to our headquarters in Airway Heights, Washington. That’s no small feat in itself. If the chassis is still functional and drivable that’s a big start. To keep structural integrity we have them tightly wrapped in heavy-duty marine grade shrink wrap. The wrap is strong and is reinforced with ropes, webbing and ratchet straps. The plastic wrap also seals the van body from the weather preventing further damage.  It makes for a very secure and safe way to transport a damaged mobile shredder.

Shrink Wrapped Truck-7Once the vehicle arrives at our facility we quickly set about to get it into better-than-new condition. After a detailed inspection our comprehensive process usually includes a full refurb with a body swap, shredder overhaul and system upgrades. Landing a fully refurbished body on a brand new chassis will give the vehicle many more years of trouble-free operation. We can repair FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plywood) and all-aluminum van bodies including Shredfast’s MasterVault series.

One thing that can make potential catastrophe more easily recoverable is to have adequate insurance. Meet with your agent for an insurance review to determine if you have the coverage you need to for an accident. A few points you need to consider are:

  • Does your policy have Business Interruption Insurance? This type of insurance covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster.
  • Does your policy have Rental Insurance? Will it cover the cost of a rental truck for the duration of the repair? ShredSupply can provide a rental shred truck to cover the time until our repairs are completed.

At ShredSupply, recovery from a catastrophic shred truck accident doesn’t have to destroy your business. We want you back on the road servicing your routes as soon as possible. For more information on transporting your damaged shred truck, rentals and our complete line of repair services for damaged shred trucks please call 866-520-8762 or email us at

ShredSupply’s MDS-25GT Refurb Process

Here’s a in-depth look at our total refurbishment process. We take a mobile shredding truck that has outlived its useful life and rebuild it to better-than-new condition. The van body in these photos has been landed on a brand new 2015 Freightliner M2 Chassis giving this platform many more years of reliable service. ShredSupply also adds many upgrades that bring our refurbs to a better condition than when new from the factory. Check out our Service page for more information on all of our refurbishment services.

This slide show takes a minute to load. Thank you for your patience. We’ve included many photos that show our refurb process. Please call us for more information on refurbishing your shred truck at ShredSupply.

Redesigned Shred-Tech Control Panel Increases Reliability

Old Style Shred-Tech MDS-25 Control Panel

Old Style Shred-Tech MDS-25 Control Panel

SShredSupply, Inc. has developed a retrofit solution for Shred-Tech control panels. Shred-Tech’s current design for its line of mobile document shredders incorporates hydraulic gauges and electronic switches mounted to a drop down panel. This panel tilts downward 90 degrees to allow for shredder operations in the field then tilts back up and locks for transport.

The problem with this design is that over time the continual opening a closing of the operations panel puts stress on the hydraulic and electrical components. This causes pin hole leaks in the hoses and broken wire connections. It is not uncommon for an older MDS-25 to leak hydraulic fluid from behind this panel. At ShredSupply, we have seen this exact leak many, many times during our refurbishment process.

Hydraulic leaks are not only minor nuisances, they can effect the bottom line. Leaks can increase the risk of slips and falls,  can be flammable and can damage the environment. A major factor to consider is that leaks cause downtime. In this industry, having reliable, running equipment is only way to make money. A truck that is in the shop is not no longer an asset but a liability.

Retrofit Shred-Tech Control Panel

New Retrofit ShredSupply Control Panel for MDS-25GT

To combat this problem ShredSupply has designed a retrofit control panel that eliminates the problems associated with the stock Shred-Tech® control panel. Our panel is hard mounted to the van body. It does not tilt, swivel or otherwise move and thus does not subject the hydraulic and electrical components to unnecessary wear and tear.

This new design incorporates a sturdy welded aluminum frame and a door constructed of Shredfast’s MasterVault panel system. This new frame and door securely enclose the hydraulic gauges and electrical switches. It also replaces the stock electrical membrane switches with high quality toggle and momentary switches. This panel also has a new state-of-the-art kill switch which facilitates easier shutdown in an emergency.

Other features of our Retrofit Shred-Tech® Control Panel include:

  • New RSV Video Monitoring System
  • Remote Start Up Package for automatic transmissions allows curbside ignition, PTO engagement and engine ramp up
  • New electrical wiring
  • Weather seal

Increase the reliability of your Shred-Tech® shredding vehicle The retrofit process is straightforward, just call our service technicians at 866-520-8762 for more information or just email by clicking the button below.

Get info and pricing!

*ShredSupply, Inc. is not affiliated nor associated with nor endorsed by Shred-Tech® in any way.

Take look at the new ShredSupply website!

New SS Website Grab

After several months of planning, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website;

We wanted a website that would allow us to meet the demands of emerging technology. We found that our customers are accessing our site with more than just traditional desktop and laptop designs and our old site just wasn’t cutting it. Our customers browse our site with smart phones and tablets while they are on the road and away from their office. The great thing about this site is that it’s responsive; meaning it looks great on all devices.

We also wanted to provide our customers with better information on our inventory of equipment for the document destruction industry. This new ShredSupply website creates an individual page for each product. This allows for unlimited flexibility in design and pages are much easier to share. Items to look for on individual product pages include:

  • custom tables that outline vehicle features and specifications
  • dynamic photo galleries
  • links to our Flickr account with even more photos
  • sharing buttons that enable customers to share specific products via social network or email
  • downloadable data sheets in PDF form

A big part of the new site is service. Our customers can now easily find out more information about the range of specialty services we provide for the mobile document destruction industry. These include: complete truck refurbishment, body swaps, shredder overhaul and transmission/PTO repair.

ShredSupply is also proud to announce mobile shredder repair forums, an industry first. We wanted to create a resource that was available when our customers need it. Through our active forum community we will create a library of knowledge on shredder maintenance and repair for all makes and models. This bank of information will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere around the globe.

With this new website we are going to be more responsive to our customer’s demands for our online presence. Customers can fill out a brief survey and give us feedback on how well the new website is meeting their expectations. We want to make this site the best in the industry and customer feedback is essential to the process.

And last of all, we have another industry first coming soon. One that will be very beneficial to our customer’s productivity. Trust us. It will be worth the wait. Please add your contact information below and you’ll be one of the first to know about this new functionality.

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the-coolest-cooler-13271We want to to keep in contact with you and we’re giving away the Coolest to one lucky subscriber to our newsletter! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s “a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.” It also has set a record for crowdfunding at Kickstarter. Check out the features:

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ShredSupply Equipment Body Swap – 2015 Freightliner M2

ShredSupply has created a business out of taking your existing valuable asset-your shredding truck, and giving it extended life through refurbishment. Our process can include painting, body swaps with new chassis, improved cart lifts, LED lighting for enhanced visibility and complete shredder head overhauls.

This video is of our body swap of a Shred-Tech MDS-25GT onto a 2015 Freightliner M2 chassis. Be sure to note the upgrades to the operator controls including panel-mounted gauges and an LCD readout.

For more information on our process please call us at 866-520-8762.