Shredder Overhaul

Shred-Tech MDS-25 Shredder OverhaulEver had a catastrophic failure on the most important part of your shredding truck? No worries, ShredSupply can overhaul your existing broken or poorly performing shredder head at a fraction of the cost! We can restore your valuable shredding machinery to like-new condition. You’ll see a return of your throughput, increasing efficiency and production capability. We also offer this service on all of our previously owned shredding trucks as well. Call us to schedule your shredder overhaul from ShredSupply at 866-520-8762.

Shredder Overhaul Procedures

  • Replace Broken Shafts
  • Replace Worn Gears
  • Sharpen Knives
  • Repack Bearings
  • Replace Seals
  • Apply Quality Coatings to Prevent Corrosion
  • Perform Quality Control to Insure Proper Performance